lymphatic system drawingThe lymphatic system must help reabsorb cellular waste and other debris in the body or we become toxic and full of inflammation.  You can help many of your health problems when you reduce toxicity and inflammation by receiving a series of manual LymphPractic sessions to improve lymph flow, circulation and natural detoxification. John Ossipinsky explains Auto-intoxication, how we become toxic from the buildup of cellular waste, when the lymphatic system is not working optimally. LymphPractic is a fully clothed lymphatic drainage routine developed by John Ossipinsky to help to reduce toxicity and inflammation in the body and brain. In the first session you will feel deeply relaxed in your body and mind, feel lighter and sleep better. LymphPractic helps reduce stress, build your immune response, improves delivery of supplements or medications and reduces swelling. Improving the lymph flow helps normalize systems of the body by improving circulation, the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells which make up everything in the body.

John Ossipinsky