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Lymph - Brain Connection

The Lymph-Brain Connection

In 2015 lymphatic vessels were found in the brain.  This is a direct lymph-brain connection that can be used to improve lymph flow, circulation and natural detoxification in the brain to help many diseases like anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia. foggy thinking, PTSD, MS, Autism, and  Alzheimer’s. Gain more control over how you feel and think with the lymphatic system!


Green Lymph Man

Fat and Obesity Linked to Damaged Lymph Vessels

Are you ready to lose weight and keep it off? In 2005 two-studies linked fat & obesity to damaged lymph vessels. When your lymphatic system becomes compromised your body can build with cellular waste, fats, and fluid. Optimize your lymphatic system to promote healthy and sustaiined weight loss

Small Digestive System Drawing

Digestive Diseases

Digestive diseases like GERD, IBS, Colitis, Crohn’s, Celiac, Diverticulitis even bloating have to do with a compromised lymphatic system. When the lymphatic system cannot clean acidic cellular waste from the intestines it creates inflammation that can interfere with digestion. Learn to maintain your lymphatic system to help most digestive health issues. 

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Gain Control Over Your Health With Personal Lymphatic System Detoxification

Learn how to maintain your lymphatic system with John Ossipinsky’s Virtual Course and mentoring , Reboot Your Health With The  Lymphatic System. The lymphatic system is a system that you need to know how to detox and maintain to have a healthy and happy life!  Learn More About Maintaining Your Lymphatic System

Are You A Health Coach, Massage Therapist or Intuitive?

If you are interested in helping yourself or family members at a higher level? Are you a Health or Life Coach, massage therapist, or intuitive. Separate yourself from the pack by learning the emerging science of the lymphatic system. Most people don’t know they have a system that cleans their body and brain and that they can control it. Help your family or clients learn to use the body’s sewage treatment system, to promote health and longevity. Learn More About Helping Your Family and Clients at a Deeper Level.

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Lymphatic System Health Coaching Globally

If you don’t live in the Phoenix area, John can still help you with Lymphatic System Health Coaching. If you try and learn to detox and maintain your lymphatic system on your own, the learning curve may take a while. John has 25 years of helping clients understand how lymphatic system detoxification and maintenance can help their health problems. Contact John for a Free phone consultation.

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