Lymphatic System Medical Intuitive John Ossipinsky

What Is A Distance Lymphatic System Healing Session?

John Ossipinsky is a Lymphatic System Medical Intuitive, meaning he can intuitively sense how your lymph flows and can energetically release restrictions in your body to improve lymph flow and your health.

The first step John does in a Distance Lymphatic System Healing Session is to intuitively look at the client’s lymph flow. John can see lymph flow and lymph congestion in the body and brain. Often where John finds lymph congestion is where the clients have their health issues.

During the Zoom (we can record the Zoom for you) or a call, John explains what he is doing to open your lymphatic system and what he sees happening in your body. In a few minutes, clients feel deeply relaxed in their body and mind as lymph flow is improved.

Clients often feel more open and lighter during the session and after the session. They also experience tingling in their limbs as well as heat, twitching, and hear gurgling in their abdomen. These are all signs of improved lymph flow and circulation that can improve healing.

John has had 100’s of Distance Lymphatic System Healing clients who were finally able to gain more control over their health with just a few sessions with John.

Watch this video on “What to Expect in a Distance Lymphatic System Healing Session.”

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