Lymphatic System Medical Intuitive John Ossipinsky

What Is A Lymphatic System Medical Intuitive?

John Ossipinsky started his career over 25 years ago as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and Diplomate Certified in CranioSacral Therapy. He was fortunate to learn the work of three world-renowned physicians who specialize in manual medicine to improve health and vitality. They are Dr. Upledger – CranioSacral Therapy, Dr. Barral – Visceral Manipulation, and Dr. Bruno Chikly – Lymph-Drainage Therapy.

Early in his career, John was researching with clients how draining the lymphatic system could affect the pH of the body and improve many health issues. It was during this time that John realized he was intuitive to lymph flow in the body and brain.

While working with a client who was draped in a sheet and lying facedown John’s intuition drew him to look at her hip and leg. When he did he saw little iridescent lines moving over the sheet that was covering the woman’s hip and leg. When he placed his hand over the sheet and manually mapped the lymph flow in the hip and leg it was what he saw on the sheet.

The lines appeared for 10 seconds and then disappeared. Since that experience, John has been able to see lymph flow in clients. Over many years he realized when he looked at his client’s lymphatic system, lymph would begin to flow better.  John now does a full distance lymphatic drainage session to help clients improve how they feel mentally and physically.

John has been working with the lymphatic system at a distance for over 17 years. Clients feel improved circulation, less pain, tingling in their body, heat and twitching. Most importantly they feel deeply relaxed in their body and mind during and after the session.

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John and Client with Developmental Delays