Swelling By Clavicles A Sign Of Lymphatic System CongestionYou can easily see swelling in the legs or arms. Swelling by the clavicles is a clear sign of lymphatic system congestion. The major lymphatic vessel is the thoracic duct which culminates into the subclavian vein under the left clavicle. The right lymphatic duct culminates into the subclavian vein under the right clavicle. The lymph fluid from thousands of lymph vessels must go into the thoracic or right lymphatic ducts under the clavicles. When these ducts become blocked or compromised lymph fluid can buildup around the clavicles, on either side of the neck, as seen in this picture.

Over the past year this client has been feeling horrible, as if her life was being drained away. She had pneumonia and then months later a case of shingles around her neck and back of her neck. These are all signs of lymphatic system congestion and inflammation. By the time I saw her last week she was despearte to feel better. The day after her first LymphPractic session she contacted us to say the swelling is already smaller and she is feeling better. This is the proper use of science, the lymphatic system completes circuclation.

The lymphatic system helps to detox cellular waste, acidic fluid, fats, fibrin and other debris from the body and brain. When the lymphatic system is compromised you fill with cellular waste and fluid which leads to inflammation. You can dramatically change your health by receiving a few LymphPractic sessions in Scottsdale, AZ or learning to activate your lymphatic system with dietary balancing, basic supplements and self-lymphatic drainage at HealthyLymphSystem.com.

John Ossipinsky