Anxious and depressed young woman at the window in the rainWhen you want to help anxiety and depression, you must maintain your lymphatic system. It is possible to help reduce anxiety and depression by improving lymph flow. New research shows that the lymphatic system is mainly responsible for reabsorbing cerebrospinal fluid. If you want to feel better mentally and physically, you need to learn ways to improve lymph flow through your body and brain to improve detoxification. When the body is more acidic it limits lymph flow, allowing cellular waste to build in the body or brain. By taking steps to balance your pH and improve your lymphatic system you can have more control over your anxiety and depression.

It is not about being “Perfect”, in diet and lifestyle, but learning to “Balance” your health and life. To balance your life you need to understand which foods are acid forming or alkaline forming in the body. We all need to know the importance of manually draining the lymphatic system to improve circulation and detoxification in the body and brain.


John Ossipinsky