Sick woman lying in bedRecurring infections helped with lymphatic system detoxification. Recurring infections can be due to a compromised lymphatic system and limited circulation. When circulation is impeded, cellular waste, toxins and other debris build in the tissues of the body creating inflammation and infection. When you balance the pH of the body and improve lymph flow you help improve the circulation of immune cells, like lymphocytes, that scavenge bacteria, viruses and cancer.

When taking antibiotics, it is important to help the body clear excess cellular waste from the body and brain. Most people know to take a probiotic when taking an antibiotic, there is more you can do to improve detoxification. Systemic enzymes help to breakdown cellular waste and help many chemical reactions in the body. The most important step is improving your lymphatic system’s ability to flow and reabsorb cellular waste. Learn how to help build your immune system.


John Ossipinsky