crying colic baby When a baby is clenching their fists, crying often while passing gas they may have baby colic. You can help baby colic by improving lymph flow to reduce inflammation. The lymphatic system is a tiny network of vessels and nodes that helps to reabsorb cellular waste. When the lymphatic system is not working optimally, cellular waste can build in the digestive system, creating inflammation, gas and pain that can make a baby uncomfortable. If Mom is breastfeeding it is important to check saliva and urine pH to make sure Mom is not overly acidic which can make the baby acidic and limit lymph flow in the body and brain. Receiving a few gentle lymphatic drainage sessions or learning to drain your baby’s lymphatic system can help alleviate the pain and irritability that comes with having baby with colic. John explains how to manually open the Cisterna Chyli, three lymphatic vessels in the abdomen that maintain the digestive system, to help colic.

John Ossipinsky