Human Lungs in ThoraxWhen you are having diffculty breathing, your first thought isn’t lymphatic system detoxification. For many people lymphatic system detoxification helps difficulty breathing. There can be many reasons for a tight chest and diffculty breathing, from an injury to your ribs, medications or acidic foods and beverages that can constrict your lungs and chest. Recent research found that an acidic brain cell may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. They found when the brain cell called an astrocyte is acidic it can no longer clean itself. This same thing is happening in your lungs which are made up of cells. When the lungs become overly acidic the cells of the lungs can no longer clean and your lungs become acidic, inflamed and toxic. By learning to detox and maintain the lymphatic system you can gain more control over your breathing. John explains how to do the LymphMan Shoulder Shuffle to relax your shoulders and help you take a deep breath.


John Ossipinsky