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Podcast 91 Healthy Diet Helps Lipedema - Ossipinsky Health Academy

Lipedema is a lymphatic disorder of painful subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT), likely affecting millions of women worldwide. Eating a healthy diet can help lipedema, especially with controlling edema. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and cutting out the wheat products, even whole wheat, and meat protein can make a big difference in how you control your edema. You will see the biggest difference in the early stages of lipedema with diet, supplements and lymphatic drainage or self-lymphatic drainage. If you have the later stages of lipedema the goal is to use diet, supplements and lymphatic drainage or self-lymphatic drainage to keep the edema from becoming lipo-lymphedema. It is not about being perfect in diet and lifestyle but learning to clean up on a regular schedule to reduce inflammation.

John Ossipinsky