Alzheimer's disease. Aggregation of proteins, Amyloid BuildupYour health is being devastated by the aggregation of proteins, called amyloids that can limit circulation. You can help reduce the aggregation of proteins with lymphatic detox. Researchers are linking the aggregation of proteins, called amyloids, to many health problems from ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s to Huntington’s disease. Even heart failure has been linked to the aggregation of proteins. The lymphatic system maintains your cellular environment, when the lymphatic system cannot function to reabsorb proteins (parts of cells) they can build in any part of the body or brain, limiting circulation and function. If proteins build in the body or brain they mis-fold and aggregate, creating limited circulation which leads to inflammation. When you help improve your lymphatic system, you help reduce the aggregation of proteins to improve circulation. You can help improve the lymphatic system and detoxification of damaging proteins by eating a more alkaline diet, taking enzymes, a little exercise and self-lymphatic drainage.


John Ossipinsky