Doctor shows information: chronic fatigue syndromeYou can help chronic fatigue syndrome by balancing pH of the body. Chronic fatigue syndrome can manifest as extreme fatigue, substantially impair memory/concentration, sore throat, tender neck or armpit lymph nodes, muscle pain, headaches of a new types, pattern, or severity, disturbed sleep,  relapse of symptoms after exercise that lasts more than 24 hours, pain in multiple joints without swelling or redness. These are all signs of an acidic pH and congested lymphatic system that allows the body to fill with cellular waste. This acidic cellular waste limits the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen needed to make ATP – adenosine triphosphate.  Without oxygen to make energy we become fatigue. Balancing the pH of the body to improve circulation and detoxification is the first step in helping chronic fatigue syndrome.



John Ossipinsky