lymphatic system drawingMost people don’t know they have a lymphatic system, a tiny network of vessels and nodes that cleans their body and brain. There are many health benefits of maintaining your lymphatic system. When you ignore the lymphatic system your body and brain can fill with cellular waste that can limit how you feel and think. Everyone needs to maintain their lymphatic system. If you have any problem from pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, foggy thinking, weight gain, swelling, digestive or skin issues you need to detox and maintain this system to heal and feel better. It takes an awareness of the lymphatic system and the need to maintain it to have a healthier life. Simple steps like eating a more alkaline diet, basic supplements like magnesium, enzymes and manually maintaining your lymphatic system with a lymphatic therapist or learning self-lymphatic drainage can help improve your lymphatic system and health.



John Ossipinsky