Lipedema - Lymphatic Vessels of the Leg, vintage engraved illustration.Lipedema or Lipoedema is a growing problem that mostly affects woman with swelling in their legs and arms. You can help Lipedema and associated health problems by balancing pH. Many people with swelling or Lipedema don’t have just swelling, often they have one or two other health issues like depression, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues or skin problems like eczema. When your lymphatic system is compromised you can have many health issues since the lymphatic system maintains every system in the body, even the brain. When it comes to swelling like Lipedema and associated problems it is important to know your pH, potential of hydrogen or whether your body is acidic, in balance or alkaline. When your tissues become overly acidic the lymphatic vessels and microcirculation of your veins can constrict and limit circulation. This can allow cellular waste to build in the tissues of the skin where the superficial lymphatic system is located and create little log jams limiting circulation. This is how inflammation begins as cellular waste in your tissues. Improving the lymphatic system with a more alkaline diet, basic supplements, exercise and manual self-lymphatic drainage can help you have more control over your lipedema and associated health problems.


John Ossipinsky