Woman With Sore ThroatI have had numerous clients through the years who have had chronic sore throats and didn’t know that a congested lymphatic system was a contributing factor. You can help chronic sore throat by improving lymph flow in the shoulders and throat. The lymphatic system is a tiny network of vessel and nodes that helps to maintain every system in the body. The major lymph drains are under the clavicle bones, the bones at the base of your throat. When these tiny vessels become congested, like a log jam in a river, acidic waste builds up into the tissues of the neck creating inflammation and pain. By manually improving lymph flow through the clavicle nodes, and lymphatics in the neck and throat you can help alleviate the inflammation that is causing the chronic sore throat. In addition to draining the tissues in the throat, eating a more alkaline diet, taking a couple of alkalizing supplements like magnesium or potassium can help balance the tissues in the throat to improve circulation and healing.


John Ossipinsky