Thyroiditis - Thyroid Gland TorsoWhen you have thyroiditis or thyroid inflammation, your thyroid may be sensitive to touch, you may have discomfort when turning your head or swallowing. You can improve thyroiditis, thyroid inflammation, with improved lymph flow. Common symptoms of thyroid inflammation You can have no symptoms, or may experience: excess sweating, fatigue, heat intolerance, or feeling cold, Digestive problems: unusually frequent defecation or water retention, anxiety or nervousness, weight gain or weight loss, abnormal protrusion of eyes or puffy eyes.

The thyroid is right next to the major lymph vessels in the neck. When the lymphatic system in the thyroid cannot reabsorb cellular waste, immune cells and fluid it can build in the thyroid creating swelling and damage to the thyroid cells limiting the thyroid function. By improving lymph flow in the shoulders and neck you can help improve circulation and natural detoxification to help the thyroid.

John Ossipinsky