lymphatic system drawing bodyEveryone has a lymphatic system and can benefit from maintaining their sewage treatment system. Here are 10 benefits of maintaining your lymphatic system.

  1. Less infections – Recurring Infections are due to limited circulation – Sinus infections, breast, pancreatic infections.
  2. Reduced Pain – By improving circulation inflamed nerves and tissues can heal
  3. Clearer Skin – More adults are having acne or skin problems like urticaria.
  4. Improve dry eyes or dry mouth. Can be due to medications limiting circulation. Many disease like Sojourns disease creates dry eyes and mouth
  5. Better digestion – IBS, Crohn’s disease, colitis, constipation
  6. Less swelling –  Swelling- Lymphedema- Lipedema
  7. Healthier gums and teeth
  8. Improves the Immune response
  9. Clearer thinking, Many suffer with foggy thinking, due to a backup of fluid, taking Claritin or Benadryl
  10. Better Sleep

It doesn’t take much to maintain your lymphatic system, it just takes an understanding that you can have more control over your health by being aware that you have to maintain your lymphatic system.

John Ossipinsky