Bullous Pemphigoid Skin DiseaseOne of the worst skin diseases I have worked on and helped, is with a client who had bleeding blisters all over her body for a few years, the disease is called Bullous Pemphigoid. You can help most skin problems like Bullous Pemphigoid with lymphatic system detox. The superficial lymphatic system is right under your skin, when your skin becomes overly acidic, the lymphatic system becomes congested and cellular waste can build in the skin, creating inflammation. The inflammation further congests the body, limiting circulation. The superficial lymphatic system is mostly dependent on deep breathing to move lymph fluid through its vessels. Deep breathing, good posture and especially learning to maintain your lymphatic system with diet, supplements and self-lymphatic drainage can help improve many skin diseases. Manually doing self-lymphatic drainage is a powerful tool to help directly improve lymph flow and detoxification.

Bullous Pemphigoid Skin Disease Clear


John Ossipinsky