Lymphatic Vessels in Head andWe are entering the colder months and more people suffer with inflammation and pain due to recurring sinus infections. You can help sinus infections with lymphatic system detoxification. Sinus infections are in part due to limited circulation and the buildup of cellular waste, that creates inflammation and a breeding ground for bacteria in the sinuses and nasal area. Many clients with chronic sinusitis benefit from learning how to improve their lymph flow by balancing their pH and manually draining their lymphatic system.

When trying to heal a sinus infection, limit processed foods, coffee, tea, soda, alcohol, rice, flour and red meat. Eat a more alkaline diet of fruits and vegetables, take a supplement like magnesium to help balance your pH, to improve circulation. Whether you see a therapist for lymphatic sessions or learn how to self-drain your lymphatic system, manually improving the lymphatic system is powerful in its ability to improve lymph flow, circulation and natural detoxification to reduce inflammation.

John Ossipinsky