Detox your body of senescent cells and cellular wasteHaving anxiety can negatively impact your health and life. You can help anxiety by reducing cellular waste from the brain. Most people with anxiety don’t just have anxiety. They also have other ailments like joint pain, headaches, tight chest, difficulty breathing and digestive issues. By learning to maintain your lymphatic system, the body’s sewage treatment system you can help improve detoxification of cellular waste from the body and brain. When you improve the lymphatic system you improve circulation and the natural detoxification of cellular waste. A recent study found that obese mice had a buildup of Senescent cells in their brains. Researchers also noted the mice had anxiety. By reducing the cellular waste using a chemo agent and quercetin the anxiety dissipated. Gaining control over your lymphatic system and cellular waste can help you control your anxiety and other health issues.

John Ossipinsky