John and Client with Developmental DelaysWhen a parent brings a child on the spectrum to improve their lymphatic system they should know what to expect to see the next day. Here is what to expect after improving the lymphatic system with autism. I have had a few parents of children on and off the autism spectrum who after their child or teen had a lymphatic drainage session were surprised their child had a meltdown or was extremely lethargic, almost ca later in the day or the next day. This is not a typical detox reaction but it does occur, especially after the initial session to improve the lymphatics. The reason this Herzheimer reaction occurs is due to the release of cellular waste that has been trapped in the tissues for a long time. The cellular waste at first makes the body more acidic and toxic. As the body metabolizes the released waste over hours to a few days the client feels better. In my office and in my coaching, I try and avoid a detox reaction by starting slower and preparing the client. Improving the lymphatic system is an important missed step in helping those on the spectrum have a better quality of life.

John Ossipinsky