Healthy Lifestyles, fasting lymphatic system dietFasting for 16 hours a day is a powerful way to lose weight or improve your health. Fasting 16 hours a day helps improve the lymphatic system, the body’s sewage treatment system, and overall health. When you don’t eat for 16 hours your body can metabolize and breakdown material in your body. Fasting can be made more healthful by including what I call Intermittent pH Balancing. Most people when they fast, go from not eating, right into eating mostly acid-forming foods. Over time this can lead to an acidic pH that can limit the lymphatic system’s ability to clean cellular waste and fats from your cellular environment.  In intermittent pH balancing, you break your fast with alkaline foods; fruits and vegetables before eating more acid forming foods like wheat, meat or soy protein.


John Ossipinsky