Lymphatic System Detoxification AutismAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects how those diagnosed with the disease behave. You can help ADHD with lymphatic system detoxification. Those with ADHD have difficulty paying attention and sitting still. They often have no regards to the consequences of their behavior. In ADHD the lymphatic system has become compromised. There is a large lymph-brain connection that must be understood to help those with ADHD. In 2015 researchers found lymphatic vessels in the brain. That is a direct connection that can be used to help the ADHD and the brain. In 2017 researchers found that the major outflow of cerebrospinal fluid was into lymphatic vessels. That means your brain is dependent on a well functioning lymphatic system. By improving the lymphatic system with diet, supplements and manually improving the lymphatic system you can help improve circulation and detoxification in the brain.

John Ossipinsky