SurgeryIt is important to help breast implant removal with lymphatic system detoxification. Implant complications: Breast implant complications can necessitate breast implant removal. Complications may include implant rupture, folding or deflation if the breast implant is filled with saline.  Other reasons are capsular contracture, tension bands asymmetry, displacement, infection and leakage of silicone. Some women may feel their breast implants are the wrong shape or size.  Over time the implants may have moved into the wrong position because of weight loss, weight gain or pregnancies. When you had the breast implants implanted, the surgery can compromise the lymphatic system in the axilla (underarm) nodes and nodes beneath the clavicles. Over time the lymphatic system can become more congested and you can start having many health problems due to the lymphatic system becoming congested and limiting circulation. Improving the lymphatic system with lymphatic system detoxification can help improve circulation and detoxification of acidic cellular waste that is making you feel ill and prepare you for surgery.


John Ossipinsky