Businessman with bloating and bad stomach painIf you take a look around you can easily see that many people have abdominal bloating, with round distended abdomens. You can help abdominal bloating with lymphatic system detoxification. When you think about abdominal bloating you don’t immediately think of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a tiny network of vessels and nodes that helps to reabsorb cellular waste and fluids from the tissues of the body. When the abdominal lymphatic vessels are not working efficiently acidic waste and fluid can build in the intestines and surrounding tissues, distending the abdomen, possibly creating abdominal pain. When you go through lymphatic system detoxification, you help to improve the detoxification of cellular waste and fluids to reduce bloating and pain. You can gain more control over your health by receiving a lymphatic session from a therapist or learn how to maintain your own lymphatic system using diet, supplements and self-lymphatic drainage, using your own two hands.


John Ossipinsky