Balance Foods Most people have heard of intermittent fasting, were you don’t eat for a part of the day, typically 14-16 hours. What is the new phrase intermittent pH balancing? I believe everyone needs to learn about a new way to improve their health with a phrase,  I have termed “Intermittent pH Balancing.”  Most people are unknowingly overly acidic, even if you have no signs of acidity. It is easy to see when you know we spend over $50 billion yearly on antacids and proton pump inhibitors, PPI’s. We treat acid as a digestive problem, instead of acid damaging our cells and creating disease. With intermittent pH balancing for one to three days, or more each week, you eat only alkaline foods (fruits and vegetables), take supplements like magnesium and improve your lymph flow. Intermittent pH balancing helps to reduce toxicity and inflammation in the body and brain.

John Ossipinsky