lymphatic system drawing bodyIt is important to know the lymphatic system roles in heavy legs, skinny upper body and Lipedema. I have met a few women and men who had very heavy legs and a skinny upper body. When I explain how the lymphatic system, especially the cisterna chyli (3 lymph vessels in the abdomen) when not working optimally, may have played a role in their heavy legs, they are grateful for the information. Most of them told me, they were told they just have fat legs. They said no matter what they tried the legs just wouldn’t reduce. When the lymphatic system is congested any part of the body can fill with cellular waste and become heavy.

If you are beginning to see your legs may be getting heavier, then you should be taking steps to balance the body’s pH and activate your lymphatic system. Especially opening the cisterna chyli, can help keep your legs from getting worse. The lymphatic system is a plumbing system that helps to reabsorb cellular waste, fibrin, cholesterol, fats and toxins from the body. Helping it to work better helps reduce the buildup of cellular waste and fluid retention. Learn how to help reduce congestion in your legs by balancing pH and activating the lymphatic system with a more alkaline diet, daily exercise, systemic enzymes and lymphatic drainage sessions.

John Ossipinsky