The main reason that I can say, without any doubt, that lymph activation improves brain health and how we feel and think, is that I see it the improvement in my clients, over and over. For the over 20 years I have been activating the lymphatic system in clients and I have personally witnessed clients with MS, depression, anxiety, stress, panic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bi-polar, insomnia, hydrocephalus, ADD, OCD, autism improve. When you improve lymph flow and circulation in your brain you improve brain health and how you think and feel.

Clients have come in unable to do simple math, move an arm or smile. Often in just a few sessions to activate their lymphatic system (body’s sewage treatment plant) to increase whole body lymph flow they feel better. They can add numbers again, move their arm better and smile all due to the “natural detoxification” of acid waste and excess proteins from the body and brain.

An Acidic pH Constricts Lymphatic System

When I first learned of acid-alkaline balance in 2003, I realized that an acidic pH was constricting our lymphatic system allowing us to fill with our own cellular waste, making us toxic and sick. That’s when I began to figure out a way to manually help detox acid waste from the body and brain, I call this fully clothed work to improve lymph flow LymphPractic. Over the next year I started seeing clients for lymph activation 3 days in a row instead of weekly or bi-weekly. After working on hundreds of clients I saw a similar pattern of detox reactions occur during our three days of LymphPractic which releases waste and makes them more toxic for a few hours to a day.

Clients always felt more relaxed and had less of their specific symptoms after the first session. Later that evening they would feel more fatigue, some had to go right to bed, a headache, digestive issues and more of their symptoms like pain or discomfort. Some said they slept really well that first night.

Same Detox Reactions – More Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia For A Few Hours

The next morning they would feel a little achy and fatigued some had stomach discomfort; some would feel like a truck hit them or as if they had the flu. After their LymphPractic session on the second day they would feel better again, later that day some had their worst depression, anxiety, aggressiveness, digestive problems, problems concentrating or thinking. Some even felt sinus or bladder infections starting and then it went away in a few hours.

Many said they had a hard time sleeping the second night. Some people told me they felt emotional and cried for no reason. All these problems manifested and worsened during their lymphatic detox due to released cellular waste creating more toxicity.

The Third Day They Felt Better, More Alive

The third day when they came in often their complexion was pale, ashen or white with dark rings under their eyes. Some felt better but fatigued, like they had the flu. Some felt better after their session that day. The point to take away from this is that the increase in pain or depression or feeling stressed and emotional was gone! It only lasted a few hours or a night. Then they felt better, and more alive! Since that time I minimize a detox reaction by preparing clients with a LymphPractic session for a week or two before a series begins. That initial work showed me how toxicity can create our health problems. Acidic waste and its toxic effect on the body and brain is a silent killer.

The reason clients felt sick or experienced an increase in their health problems for a few hours to a day was due to an increase in body acidity and excess proteins (cellular waste) that made them more toxic. The liberated waste from the tissues and organs first congests the body, making it more toxic, limiting circulation. Then over a few hours or to a day the organs slowly work to clean this waste from the body and clients feel better. Are you ready to feel better and more alive with a lymphatic system tune-up with LymphPractic?

John Ossipinsky