Insomnia Word Med PicInsomnia is a bigger problem, than you can imagine. Many clients come to me for more severe problems and mention that they have insomnia, difficulty sleeping. It is important to know that insomnia can be helped with lymphatic system detoxification to improve lymph flow, circulation and detoxification. In a research project I did at my office, I put clients through three consecutive days of a one-hour lymphatic drainage session. When you drain the lymphatic system, you at first become more acidic and toxic for a couple of days. The night of their second session, many clients had depression, anxiety, aggressiveness and insomnia. After the third session they felt better. This happened over and over again. It showed me that anxiety,  depression and insomnia have a lot to do with toxicity.

In 2015 researchers found lymphatic vessels in the brain. This is a direct lymph-brain connection that can be used to reduce toxicity and help insomnia. Most clients when going through a lymphatic system detoxification over a few sessions, have a night of not sleeping well. This shows me how insomnia has to do with toxicity and how well the brain is able clean itself.

John Ossipinsky