Lymphatic system Swelling in NeckWhen you start having problems with swelling or major edema you should begin maintaining your lymphatic system. Improving the lymphatic system with LymphPractic helps swelling. I just helped a client referred to me for swelling in her neck. I did three LymphPractic sessions over two weeks and the reduction in swelling was amazing. The lymphatic system is a tiny network of vessels and nodes that help to maintain every system in the body, even your brain. When the lymphatic system cannot reabsorb cellular waste it builds in your skin, muscles, organs, bones, blood vessels and brain creating inflammation.

I started my career 24 years ago as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist, so I understand how the lymphatic’s play a major role in edema and swelling. LymphPractic was developed after I realized that an acidic pH was limiting the lymphatic system’s ability to function. LymphPractic is a whole body lymphatic session that focuses on gentle detoxification. Over a few sessions of improving the lymphatic system with LymphPractic, lymph flow, circulation and detoxification is dramatically improved. By improving the lymphatic system with LymphPractic your swelling will reduce, you will have less pain and feel more alive.

Lymphatic System Swelling in Neck 3When you are swelling, protein rich fluid is building in a part of your body. I see this in Lymphedema and Lipedema, as the lymphatic’s cannot recover the protein rich fluid efficiently the client’s feel congested and swell. Learning how to maintain your lymphatic system can help you have more direct control over your swelling and health.



John Ossipinsky