Two Prostate Images Med PicThe pain and swelling of prostatitis can limit your life. You can help prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate with lymphatic system detox. Inflammation begins to manifest in the body when circulation becomes impeded in an area. The lymphatic system, a tiny network of vessel and nodes completes circulation in the body. Manually draining the lymphatic system can be used to improve lymph flow, circulation and natural detoxification of acidic waste that can build in the prostate and surrounding tissue. Many men will take antibiotics to address their prostate swelling. Antibiotics stops the inflammation and infection but can lead to more cellular waste building in the area, limiting circulation further. Besides receiving LymphPractic sessions to open lymph flow to the prostate, a more alkaline diet of fruits and vegetables, daily exercise and systemic enzymes can help keep the prostate from swelling.Learn more about maintaining your lymphatic system.


John Ossipinsky