The lymphatic system is the body’s sewage treatment system. You can help most health problems with lymphatic system detoxification. The lymphatic system helps to clean the body and brain of cellular waste and moves around immune cells. The lymphatic system cleans your skin, muscles, bones, organs, blood vessels, nerves, and brain. By detoxing and maintaining this ONE system you can help most health problems from chronic pain, anxiety, depression. insomnia, digestive issues, weight gain, swelling,  PTSD, foggy thinking, ADHD, Asperger’s, autism, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Healing LymphPractic Sessions in Scottsdale, AZ

John Ossipinsky can help you in two ways. See him for work he developed to combat cellular waste and inflammation called LymphPractic in Scottsdale, Arizona. In just a few sessions of LymphPractic, you will feel better from improved lymph flow, blood circulation and natural detoxification of cellular waste and inflammation. You will also feel deeply relaxed in your body and mind. You can also take his life-changing on-demand virtual course.

Detox Your Lymphatic System – Boost Your Brain, Weight Loss, and Life, 7 Lessons, 30 Easy Activities

John Ossipinsky has over 25 years working with the lymphatic system. He will be your coach to help you learn to have more control over your health with the emerging science of the lymphatic system. Learn step by step to detox and maintain your lymphatic system with diet, supplements and the Ossipinsky Method of Self-Lymphatic Drainage. The Ossipinsky Method of Self-Lymphatic Drainage is similar to dry brushing but much more powerful in its ability to improve lymph flow and health. You should detox and maintain your lymphatic system to help overcome an illness, help prevent disease or to have a vibrant life and age with your memories intact.


John Ossipinsky