Girl Foggy ThinkingIf you are having difficulty remembering or have foggy thinking there is an answer. You can help foggy thinking by improving lymph flow. The lymphatic system has been found to be the major outflow of cerebrospinal fluid out of the brain. That means if your lymphatic system is not working optimally you can have excess fluid and cellular waste buildup in the head, creating foggy thinking. Improving lymph flow can help foggy thinking, chemo brain and fibro brain fog. Many people can’t think when they have sinus problems or a cold. Often they take a decongestant  and they feel less congested and can think better. The medication is drying up the excess fluid improving how they think. Unfortunately, you can become dehydrated from excessive use of decongestants. You can improve lymph flow by helping to balance the body’s pH, with an alkaline diet and an alkaline supplement like magnesium. Manually draining the lymphatic system can dramatically help relieve excess fluid and foggy thinking.

John Ossipinsky