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Podcast 34 Help Eye Pain and Lesions by Improving Lymph Flow

Office worker with eye painOver the past 23 years I have seen many clients with eye problems, like swelling, pain or lesions. You can help eye pain and lesions by improving lymph flow, to improve circulation and natural detoxification of cellular waste. When lymph flow and circulation is impeded in the eye it can create excess pressure in the eye and, or allow waste to build in the eye creating lesions or a nevus. A nevus is a benign eye lesion which can also be found anywhere else in the body. A lesion is an abnormal change in structure of a tissue, organ or part due to injury or disease; especially if circumscribed. You can help eye pain and lesions by improving lymph flow and body pH with a more alkaline diet of fruits and vegetables, alkalizing supplements, systemic enzymes and lymphatic drainage sessions. The goal is to help improve lymph flow and circulation through the eye and surrounding tissues.

John Ossipinsky