crying newborn baby You don’t think of toxicity, when you think of colic. You can help colic by balancing pH and improving the lymphatic system to help reduce inflammation associated with colic. When an infant has colic, it is a clear sign they their pH is out of balance. When the pH, acid-alkaline level, is overly acidic, the lymphatic system can become compromised allowing cellular waste and acidity to build in the body and brain. When the infants body is becoming more acidic it can have more gas, digestive discomfort, crying, eczema and sleep problems. Mom should check her saliva and urine pH to see if her body is overly acidic. When Mom is overly acidic, it may be souring her breast milk, adding to the infant’s acidity. Learn how to balance your infant’s pH and improve their lymph flow with diet, basic supplements, alkaline water and infant massage.

John Ossipinsky