Lymphatic Vessels in Head andIf you look around you can see there is a large problem of acne affecting teens and adults. You can help clear acne with lymphatic system detoxification to reduce inflammation. Acne is said to be when hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin. John Ossipinsky has a different view of acne, one based on the emerging science of the lymphatic system and pH of the body. The skin of the face is covered with lymphatic vessels that must reabsorb cellular waste (parts of cells) from the skin and return it to a vein in the base of the neck.

When the body or skin becomes overly acidic the lymphatic vessels constrict and cannot efficiently clean up the cellular waste. This buildup of cellular waste in the skin creates inflammation and toxicity. You can help acne by eating less processed food and sugar. Eat more of an alkaline diet of fruits and vegetables, better hydration, deep breathing, daily exercise and supplements like magnesium, curcumin and systemic enzymes. The most important step is improving lymph flow in the area of the acne with lymphatic drainage sessions.

John Ossipinsky