Lymphatic System DrawingAre you looking to get healthy? Then start learning to maintain your lymphatic system, the next frontier in health and disease. Every day I meet people who don’t know they have a lymphatic system that helps to clean their body and brain. Let me tell you for sure, that everyone has a lymphatic system that helps detox cellular waste from their body and brain. That means the lymphatic system maintains your skin, muscles, bones, nerves, organs and brain…

Unfortunately most people don’t know enough about the lymphatic system and ignore this system that cleans us which is limiting their health. When you are too acidic or too alkaline your lymphatic system, your body’s sewage treatment plant, doesn’t function optimally and you slowly fill with your own cellular waste becoming toxic and sick. This is a simple concept to understand; when we are even slightly acidic (worldwide sales of products to help acid hit over $50 Billion, so we know there is a problem with acid) the lymphatic vessels constrict and can’t reabsorb cellular waste and fluid, so they build in the tissues, muscles or organs creating a toxic environment for your cells.

When this buildup of cellular waste occurs, any part of your body can fill with acid waste and excess proteins from approximately 500 million cells that die every day. Add to this buildup fibrin, cholesterol, triglycerides, hormones, lactic acid, uric acid, other debris and toxins in the body and you create toxicity and inflammation which initiates the disease process.

Most Health Problems Are “ONE-IMBALANCE” Constricting The Lymphatic System

So, you may have a health problem like cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, cirrhosis of the liver, pain, stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, skin problems, weight gain or loss, swelling, chronic fatigue, infertility, foggy thinking, ADHD or a child on the autism spectrum but in my view you are dealing with “ONE-IMBALANCE” creating your health problems. You are out of balance and have a sluggish lymphatic system creating limited circulation where ever you have your health problems.

The first step in lowering your risk of disease or to recover from an illness is to activate your lymphatic system to help eliminate toxicity. Balancing your pH with a more alkaline diet, alkalizing supplements like magnesium and potassium and lymphatic therapy will improve lymph flow and the “Natural Detoxification” of acid waste from the body. The main point here is that when your body is more in balance the tissues and organs relax so that cellular waste can be released and reabsorbed by the lymphatic vessels.

© 2015 John Ossipinsky

John Ossipinsky