If you have a severe skin problem like Darier’s disease, psoriasis and most skin problems, they can be helped by optimizing the lymphatic system. The superficial lymphatic system, the body’s sewage treatment plant, is right under your skin. It is a network of vessels, some are as thin as your hair or microscopic, and nodes that must reabsorb parts of damaged cells, fibrin and cellular waste like lactic acid and other debris.

When the lymphatic system is not working optimally your own cellular waste can build in your skin. This buildup of waste creates toxicity and inflammation, creating a proliferation of dead cells. In the attached pictures is a client diagnosed with Darier’s disease. He walks around with a large brimmed hat and bandanna over his nose and face because any sunlight, even the reflection from glare from the sun shining on a car window will irritate and burn his skin. He has had this condition for years.

Darier's DiseaseWhen I first met this client it was for one session of LymphPractic to start to open his lymphatic system. He came in the day before I was leaving for a two-week vacation. You can see by the pictures how the skin on his neck has excess cellular waste building up. This is also the area in the neck where all the lymph has to flow to enter a vein before the heart.

Mood Disorders and Depression Seen In Darier’s Disease

When the lymphatics in the area become congested cellular waste builds around our necks and shoulders making us tight, limiting circulation.  This tight shoulders can also limit lymph flow out of the neck, face and cranium, look at his face and eyes how irritated and red they were. The client also experienced bouts of depression and anxiety which has been documented in others with the disease.

A recent study examined neuropsychiatric conditions in a non-random sample of 100 British individuals assessed as having Darier’s. There were high lifetime rates for mood disorders (50%), including depression (30%), bipolar disorder (4%), suicidal thoughts (31%) and suicide attempts (13%),…[1]

Skin Greatly Improved, Mentally Feeling Better

Darier's Disease ImprovementThe client bought my book after the session and went to the health food store to pick up supplements to balance his pH and a systemic enzyme to help breakdown cellular waste. When I returned from vacation and saw the client for his next visit a few weeks later I was shocked to see this serious skin problem had greatly improved. See for yourself in the second picture.

He was knowledgeable about healthy eating but had slacked off the diet while sick. He followed the advice in my book and changed his diet, took supplements, took more deep breaths, watched his posture and kept well hydrated. He recently came in for a session his skin is getting better and mentally he his feeling better.

The point to be made is that researchers are finding many health problems are due to cellular waste; type-2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and insomnia to name only a few. One of the most important steps in your health care plan is to optimize your lymphatic system daily to help naturally detox cellular waste.

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[1]Gordon-Smith, K.; et al. (2010). “The neuropsychiatric phenotype in Darier disease”. British Journal of Dermatology 163 (3): 515–522.doi:10.1111/j.1365-2133.2010.09834.xPMID 20456342

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