I remember watching a documentary on children, many years ago, when one of the children showed signs of clarity in the early stages of autism. This was before I understood the lymphatic system-brain connection in autism. A film crew followed a few families who had multiple children with varying degrees of autism. While watching the documentary, I was struck by one thing that has stayed with me, and it was even talked about in the documentary.

One of the younger children, who was going to different appointments for testing to diagnosis him, was at different times, over months, not showing signs of autism. I have talked to other parents since, who also told me that their child at times was more clear or lucid. What’s happening to allow times of clarity and then regression in cognitive function? It is toxicity from the buildup of acidic cellular waste limiting cognitive function from lymphatic congestion.

Lymphatic System Maintains Brain

New research published in June 2015 by the University of Virginia, School of Medicine links the lymphatic system and brain. That means there is a direct relationship between the brain and lymphatic system that helps to clean it. If the lymphatic system becomes toxic and congested cellular waste can build in the brain. This new research will have implications beyond autism, helping many problems associated with the brain from depression, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, MS and Alzheimer’s to name only a few. This is a big connection that you want to understand if you are trying to help your child with autism or developmental delays.

In many diseases associated with cognitive function like Batten Disease or Alzheimer’s it is known that excess proteins (parts of cells) are a major contributing factor in losing the ability to think. So when children or for that matter any person has an episode of exhibiting more signs of autism, or foggy thinking, depression, anxiety, insomnia… they are more toxic from their lymphatic system being congested and not able to reabsorb cellular waste optimally.

Less Toxicity Clearer Thinking

The days they are more clear in the ability to think are days of less toxicity and better circulation. So if you or a child are on the spectrum or have problems with how you feel and think the goal is to improve lymph flow and natural detoxification to reduce toxicity. Seeing a lymphatic therapist to manually activate the lymphatic system directly improves the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid and the natural detoxification of proteins from the brain.

When working with a lymphatic therapist it is important to change the cellular environment with alkaline nutrients, hydration and systemic enzymes to help breakdown and flush cellular waste from the body and brain. When the pH of the body and brain are more in balance the tissues relax and the lymphatic system can reabsorb cellular waste.

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John Ossipinsky