A Revelation / An Acidic pH Sours Breast Milk

crying newborn baby girl with colicWhen I first found out about an acidic pH, I had this revelation that allowed me to see how a toxic acidosis is affecting infants. I had stopped by to see my daughter’s first dance class when she was four years old. In the waiting room, there was a mother with her eight-month-old daughter. In our conversation, she mentioned that her baby is vomiting often, had stomach pains and was on two acid medications. This is an ten-month-old child.Before I mentioned anything about pH, the mother told me that her breast milk at times would taste sour or bad.

At that moment, I realized how this undetected tissue acidosis was affecting newborns. When the mom tested her saliva pH she was severely acidic at 5.1, her acidic body was souring the breast milk and making the baby acidic and sick. This is one missed reason for the prevalence of colic and acid problems affecting so many newborns. If your infant has colic and you are breast feeding check your saliva and urine pH.


John Ossipinsky