Cellular waste is the new contributing factor in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The one factor that is often overlooked in ASD is inflammation and toxicity from repeated monthly vaccinations. No, not thimerosal or mercury, but the inflammation from cellular waste; parts of cells, fibrin and other debris building in the tissues of the body and brain.

Repeated vaccines can initiate inflammation which can greatly affect the brain and how we think. Most of the time a child has a vaccination they have an inflammatory response which can create extra cellular waste in the body or brain. This inflammatory response shows up as a sore arm, irritability, feeling sick or fever the next day, as cellular waste makes the body and brain more toxic.

By the time a child reaches school age on average they have received 46 doses of 14 vaccines. When we initiate an inflammatory response over and over again for years we create excess cellular waste that can congest the lymphatic system. Since the lymphatic system maintains every system of the body it is easy to see how if it becomes compromised it can congest and negatively affect the brain, digestive tissues and skin.

New Research Found Lymphatic Vessels in the Brain

As cellular waste builds it can block off tiny lymphatic vessels which can be smaller than a strand of hair or microscopic, limiting circulation. New research from June 2015, just found lymphatic vessels in the brain. So we know there is a direct connection between the lymphatic system and brain. When the lymphatic system is congested, the re-absorption of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is compromised and acidic cellular waste builds in the brain limiting circulation and cognitive function.

There are many ways to detox acidic cellular waste from the body and brain. Manually activating the lymphatic system can be very effective at improving circulation and natural detoxification of cellular waste. The best results are seen when emphasis in therapy is placed on whole body and brain lymphatic activation rather than concentrating on detoxing only the brain.

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John Ossipinsky