seesaw with apple and ice cream best weight loss secret.There really is a secret to lose weight and keeping it off. The best weight loss secret is to balance pH and improve lymph flow to improve circulation and detoxification. Two-studies in 2005 linked fat and obesity to damaged lymph vessels.  Researchers damaged the gene that makes healthy lymph vessels in the leg of mice. The lymph vessels were ruptured and leaky and the leg of the mice became fat. When the lymphatic vessels cannot reabsorb cellular waste, fluid and fats you gain weight. In my opinion most of us with weight issues weren’t born fat. We slowly gained weight as our body’s lymphatic system became compromised from an acidic pH. Balancing pH with a more alkaline diet, supplements like magnesium, probiotics and curcumin and adding lymphatic therapy to improve lymph flow can help you lose weight.

John Ossipinsky