Lymphatic System in HeadIf you are a first responder, firefighter, police officer, EMT, or someone who responds to emergencies you may be acidic and toxic. You may not be aware of how this toxicity is creating many of your health issues. First responders benefit from lymphatic system detoxification to reduce the buildup of cellular waste and inflammation. When you respond to numerous alarms in a shift the repeated hightened stress response, the release of stress hormones can restrict circulation in the body. Limited circulation leads to more cellular waste and toxicity. Having been a NYC Firefighter and having police officers in my family I can tell you; we don’t see the work as extremely stressful; but it still has a negative effect on our health. My goal is to show first responders how maintaining their health with dietary balancing, basic supplements and manually activating their lymphatic system can improve detoxification, health and longevity.