Fruits and Vegetables Balance pH

Fruits and Vegetables Balance pH

Many people don’t realize that they can use 5 steps to balance the body’s pH to improve lymph flow, health and vitality. Those who have read my book, An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance always assume I’m a vegetarian.  I can tell you, we are meant to eat a lot more alkaline vegetables, fruits, and nuts. But I am like most of the population, I am not a vegetarian but know the benefits of eating more vegetables.

Before I learned of acid-alkaline balance I ate mostly meat, pasta, white rice, refined flour and drank coffee, tea, soda, beer and alcohol. These are acid forming and damaging to the body when left unchecked. Do I still eat acid foods? Yes, sparingly. The goal is to learn to balance the acid we put in our body by adding more alkaline foods and minerals on a daily basis.

When your pH becomes too acidic or too alkaline your lymphatic system, a sewage treatment plant for the body, slows or stops and any part of the body can become filled with your own cellular waste (parts of dead cells, fibrin, lactate acid…). As cellular waste builds in your tissues overtime it becomes more acidic and toxic to your cells, which make up everything in your body, even your blood.

An acidic pH is why your muscles tighten in your back, neck, shoulders, even why you may occasionally have a painful Charley Horse in your calf.  An acidic pH and its effect on the body is also the reason why so many people you know have cancer, heart disease, depression, foggy thinking, candida, fibromyalgia and digestive problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), constipation, diarrhea, bloating and gas. An acidic environment damages your cells.

5 Steps to Rebalance pH to Improve Lymph Flow

The most important step is to rebalancing your pH to improve your cellular and overall health is to start thinking of improving your lymph flow on a daily basis. So what can you do? Start to balance your pH with simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

  1. Begin by consuming much less processed foods.
  2. Consume more alkaline food and drinks (fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts).
  3. Be well hydrated with water containing minerals. When you are better hydrated your circulation improves. Water is a simple way to improve detoxification.
  4. Deep breathing exercises immediately helps to balance pH and improves lymph flow.
  5. Daily exercise for 15-30 minutes a day helps cellular waste to be eliminated from the body.

Your health depends on a balanced pH to have good circulation.  Besides a healthier diet and daily exercise adding lymph drainage therapy to your health regime is one of the most powerful ways to improve circulation and detoxification of acid waste to promote health and vitality. Just by starting to make small changes to rebalancing pH and optimizing your lymph flow on a daily basis you can dramatically improve your life.

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