An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance

An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance


You can buy the ebook of An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance here. An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance is the first book in North America that details a national undetected acid-imbalance. How it is damaging the lymphatic system (a sewage treatment plant for the body) and its role in health and disease. John Ossipinsky uses new research to explain the problem of an acidic pH and a constricted lymphatic system and gives 5 Steps to A Healthier, Happier Life. Over 21 Pictures to show you, step by step, how to manually activate lymph flow to improve circulation and natural detoxification of acidic cellular waste.


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You can buy the ebook of An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance here. In An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance you will learn John Ossipinsky’s 5 Steps to Balance pH and Activate your lymphatic system for a healthy, happy life. Everyone has a lymphatic system and should know how to detox and maintain their lymphatic system to help overcome an illness, help a child or to have vibrant health.

Recent Testimonial: I can not say enough about John Ossipinsky, author of this book!! John has changed our lives and assisted in my husband’s recovery in healing his body! Learn about your lymphatic system and how to release toxins and acid from your tissues…not just for cancer but any and all diseases from young to old…Thank you John and I look forward to seeing you soon!    Traci – Texas

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