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Watch John’s two videos and then choose 1 or 2 video testimonials to watch.

Your Pre-Call Assignment

Step 1.) Hear From A Few Course Members Who Are Gaining More Control Over Their Health…

Meet Cheryl… Severe Long Haul COVID

Meet Marnie…    Life Long Brain Fog, CFS, Digestive Issues

Meet Stephanie… Chronic fatigue and Swelling

Meet Janet… Lipedema


Step 2.) To improve your or a loved one’s health  you have to maintain the lymphatic system, a system that cleans

EVERY SYSTEM in the body and brain.

Meet Pamela…  Anxiety, Migraines, Vertigo, Dementia, Pain

Step 3.) How To Prepare For Your Strategy Session…

Please be in a quiet place without distractions, preferably with a computer nearby, on the day & time your call is scheduled with a pen & paper to take notes.


We understand that you might have questions about your health issues and the “Reboot Your Health With The Lymphatic System” Online Course & Mentoring Program.

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