Lymphatic System Detoxification AutismSome on the autism spectrum have a problem with gaining weight. You can help weight gain in autism by balancing pH in the body. pH stands for the potential of hydrogen in a solution. pH tests can show whether your urine, saliva, or blood is acidic, in balance or alkaline. When overly acidic the lymphatic system’s ability to perform detoxification of cellular waste from the body and brain is compromised. Two-studies in 2005 found that fat and obesity were linked to damaged lymph vessels. Researchers damaged a gene that made healthy lymph vessels in the legs of mice which created damaged, leaky lymph vessels. The legs with the leaky lymph vessels became fat. If you want to lose weight or help a person on the spectrum lose weight you must help improve the lymphatic system to improve gentle detoxification. Join Autism Lymph-Brain Support Group to Download your eBook of the New Science of Autism.