Lyme Disease Helped with Lymphatic Drainage

Help the Associated Problems of Lyme Disease; Brain Fog, Arthritic Pain, Digestive Issues, Whole Body Pain with Lymphatic Drainage

Learn to Use Real Science of the Lymphatic System to Help Lyme Disease

Tick Lyme DiseaseIt has been reported that up to one-third of Lyme disease patients who have completed courses of antibiotic treatment continue to have severe symptoms. These symptoms include pain, cognitive difficulties, brain fog, severe fatigue, digestive issues and sleep disturbance. Some doctors attribute these symptoms to persistent infection with Borrelia, or co-infections with other tick-borne pathogens. Others  believe that the initial infection may have caused an autoimmune reaction that continues to cause serious symptoms even after the pathogens have been eliminated.

When you have Lyme disease your body and brain have been compromised from cellular waste from bacteria and cellular waste from the die off from antibiotics. When the body is congested with cellular waste, circulation becomes impeded, creating inflammation which can play a contributing role in your specific symptoms. Optimizing the lymphatic system with lymphatic drainage has a direct effect on circulation and improving natural detoxification of cellular waste.

If you have tried many therapies for your Lyme but are still suffering Contact Us to see how a series of lymphatic drainage sessions or Lymphatic Health Coaching can help you get your health and life back.

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