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An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance explains a serious problem of missed science of the lymphatic system, the body’s sewage treatment plant, and pH. Most of your health problems are due to a congested lymphatic system that is allowing cellular waste to build in your body creating toxicity and disease. Every person should understand how to detox and maintain their lymphatic system to create a healthier cellular environment to lower your risk of disease, help overcome an illness or maintain or improve their overall health.  When you understand this emerging science you gain more control over your health and life.

Learn Life Changing Science:

  • Two Studies in 2005 Linked Fat and Obesity to Damaged Lymphatic Vessels.
  • Learn about a lymph – brain connection that can help how you think and feel.
  • Learn about Homeostasis and how to properly test pH to see if you are overly acidic.
  • .Learn John Ossipinsky’s 5 Steps to Balance pH, Improve Lymph Flow, Immune Function and Overall Health.
  • Over 21 Pictures to show you, step by step, how to manually activate and improve lymph flow to improve circulation and natural detoxification.

Reviews From Readers:  Rated by Readers:  5 Stars

Diplomate Certified CranioSacral Therapist and Certified Lymphedema Therapist John Ossipinsky presents “An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance”, Is Slowly Killing You And Severely Hurting Your Children!” gives lay readers valuable information to improve their health and their quality of life by keeping their lymph and circulation systems healthy. Chapters cover the warning signs of too much ingested toxicity in one’s lifestyle, how to “green-up your diet” and exercise properly, self-help techniques to reduce stress, improve breathing and facilitate hydration, and the value of manual detoxification and Lymph Drainage Therapy. The benefits of Lymph Drainage Therapy) can help with problems ranging from obesity and migraines to depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue; “An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance” is a valuable and very highly recommended supplement to personal health self-help reading lists and community library consumer reference collections. –The MidWest Book Review

Lymphatic System DrawingJohn puts together a convincing argument for getting educated about your lymphatic system and the harm that comes from acidosis. Sadly, the American way of life is leading too many people to a life of pain, obesity and disease, and education is the most effective way of knowing how to avoid the life so many of your peers will have. This book will give you hands-on ways of awakening and getting your lymph system moving and help you know what to look for in a therapist who can further assist you. My recommendation would be to share this book with your massage therapist, or other therapists, to help them to become more aware of the help they can give you and their clients. Buying this book may very well save your life, or the life of someone close to you.        Lynette

There is a lot of important information in this book. The knowledge can help many people who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, headaches, etc. A good read…..— Dee


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